Threat and Vulnerability Management

Threat and Vulnerability Management

Threat and Vulnerability Management

Threat and Vulnerability Management is a process through which a Network and Services will be continuously monitored, to ensure there are no Threats or Vulnerabilities that can be exploited by malicious Adversaries. LEVEL7 offers to lead, develop, and support your vendor discussions and negotiations. In addition, we help your scope and communicate your requirements to the vendors and provide you with the benchmark needed to find a vendor that is best suitable to accelerate your vulnerability management efforts.  We provide vulnerability scanning and validation to establish a hygienic security baseline on your assets, whether that is endpoints, servers, network equipment and appliances, OT and ICS devices or other assets (e.g., CCTV, printers, IOT).

Identify and evaluate network vulnerabilities by scanning and monitoring your organization’s entire attack surface


During this process, the organisation will be supported by a LEVEL7 Expert, that will follow-up on meetings to discuss potential findings and the next steps to take, to further the Cybersecurity Standards. We perform and Active Directory Health check in which we identify security related misconfigurations and vulnerabilities in your Active Directory deployment. We utilize a combination of both industry leading tools, manual and automated verification to remove false positives and provide you with a vulnerability assessment that can be translated into concrete remediation actions. In addition, the health check provides you with a benchmark against Microsoft’s Best Practices for Securing Active Directory. 


  • Inspect the overall Health of Domain Controllers 
  • Asses User and user groups 
  • Run through Protected accounts and groups 
  • Check Vulnerability and patch management of operating systems 
  • Analyse Domain levels and capabilities 
  • Providing independent guidance on Vendor selection  and support with the deployment and configuration of the technology choice ( e.g., Rapid7, Tenable, Qualys).
  • RFI – RFP – RFQ 


After the health check LEVEL7 will provide an emulated attack on your Active Directory to ensure that the overall security posture technically and organisationally is of a health that can protect you against the most common attacks. Finally, we will guide you on how to best detect, mitigate, and prevent them.  


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