About Us

About Us


Our people are the driving force behind all we do. Together, we tackle the toughest global challenges by blending our diverse skill sets and experiences. We believe that diversity is our greatest strength, and that’s why we foster growth in all areas, from technical expertise to unique life experiences. Our goal is to foster an inclusive culture where everyone feels valued and can bring their authentic selves to work. We believe that a team with a range of perspectives and experiences is more effective, innovative, and resilient.


We support businesses and organisations to identify and implement key Cybersecurity practices to mitigate the threats of today, creating the resiliency and business continuity needed for tomorrow.

“We believe Cybersecurity is the cornerstone of modern society and guardian of democracy.”

– Bassil Salameh, Senior Security Advisor and Founder of LEVEL7


At the heart of our work lies a steadfast commitment to integrity and doing what’s right. It shapes how we approach our work, relationships, and decisions. We believe that by staying true to our values, we can make a real impact in creating a more inclusive environment, fostering fair communities, and being a business that truly makes a difference. It’s a journey that we’re proud to be on and we’re dedicated to seeing it through.​ At LEVEL7, we are a very value driven cyber security agency that take pride in everything we do.​


These principles are the backbone that we do our utmost to show through our work. We believe that these values should also be upheld at all times by all members of the LEVEL7. ​

We have a strong ethical framework that guides decision making and actions to align with the our values and principles, fostering trust and credibility with stakeholders.

We prioritize open and truthful communication and ethical behaviour in organizations. They enhance trust and responsibility, leading to a positive workplace culture and long-term success.

We aim for excellence in everything we do and strive to ensure that every detail is executed to the best of our ability. This leads to better results but must be balanced with efficiency to avoid stress and missed deadlines.

We prioritize communication as a critical value that enables the exchange of information, fosters collaboration and trust, and improves overall performance.

We value a willingness to gain new knowledge, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and growth for adaptability and success.

Follow our story

Take a look back with us and see where it all began

Bassil Salameh
Founder of LEVEL7

The beginning

“Secure Trust. Enable Growth.”

It all began with our founder Bassil, who has made a commitment to himself and society: he was on a mission to mitigate the threats of today, while creating the resilience need for tomorrow. He believed that Cybersecurity is the cornerstone on which modern society was build. His mission was clear: keep organisations and large enterprises safe from cyber threats, and ensure a secure future for all of us.

Bassil Salameh
Founder of LEVEL7

Finding our feet

 In the early days, we were very much about making cyber security strategic presentations, and pushing the ‘wonders of the cyber security’ on uninterested clients who didn’t see a need to create a resilient foundation for the future. We were a team of two people working on relatively small projects for companies that played a critical role in heavily regulated industries.​


With time LEVEL7 proofed the company slogan to be more than true. “Secure Trust, Enable Growth” is the very foundation LEVEL7 is build upon, and after doing exactly that, building trust and growing our clients success and security, we gained valuable experience and the possibility to expand the team.


LEVEL7 continues to grow the business and work with great clients on innovative projects.​

One thing that’s not changed over the years is the essence of LEVEL7 – the team. Everyone has diverse and complimentary skills and a belief that together we can really achieve something. The spirit within the company is what we’re most proud of – it’s honest, fun, enthusiastic and professional and long may it continue.