Red Teaming

Red Teaming

Red Teaming

Red Teaming is the hacking equivalent of a fire drill, in which a company will undergo an emulated Cyberattack on the internal Network. This includes many types of attacks including Ransomware and Information exfiltration attempts, which provide a company better insight on how to protect Assets, and help build a further incident response procedures.

Understand the Process


Over the course of this service, we will be sorting out action plans, phone and contact lists as well as the chain of command in your company. The service is usually of short duration, depending on the outcome of each phase of the exercise and the company’s needs and desires. The deliverable is one report, detailing our findings. The report is split up into an executive overview section, best suited for the management board, and one technical section, suited for the technicians in your company.


Firstly: we gain a foothold in your company’s network with a variety of different possibilities, such as WAN/external Network, Phishing Attack through BEC and many more.

Secondly: we escalate any foothold we obtain to an Administrative or Domain account and move laterally through the Business Network into every server possible and flag all Data exfiltrated. That way, we test Detection Capacities and Mitigation speed, to Analyse the company’s Blue Team/SOC.

Lastly: we test how well encrypted and segregated your Data is by simulating an Attack over the theft of a device.


During that process, LEVEL7 will have probed your network(s) for Vulnerabilities and returned to you with a Report detailing all findings. The Report will prove to be a good steppingstone, guiding you in the right direction for how to further secure your Business, your Assets, and your staff.

Red Teaming Vs. Penetration Testing

Our Cyber Security Consultant and Red-Teaming Expert Liyam Larsen explains the difference between Red Teaming and Penetration Testing – and takes you into the Mindset of a Hacker.


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