Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

LEVEL7 will deliver services in accordance with the details described in the chapter below. We conduct a scan of your web assets, i.e. domains, sub-domains, in order to find any vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious adversaries.


During this process, a team of Pen-Testing expert analysis Services, Network and libraries to detect any suspicious activity or Vulnerabilities. Once exfiltrated, the potential vulnerabilities existing on your web assets are then defined by our experts. The found vulnerabilities will be mapped up in the Common Vulnerability and exploit Frameworks, followed by assessing the potential threat of each finding. The vulnerabilities deemed to be present by LEVEL7 will then be included in our deliverables and reports.


  • Firstly, we look into the services and libraries your web servers use including their versions, to see whether these have vulnerabilities that can be exploited to exfiltrate information or other nefarious purposes.
  • Secondly, these findings are mapped up against the common vulnerabilities and exploits frameworks, colloquially, CVE and CWE. If necessary, few can be attempted exploited in order to prove whether they are a real threat to your business’ security or not.
  • Lastly, our experts will ‘filter out the noise’, and check for any potential false-positives. This will be done through superficial checks, both drawing from our years of experience and from the resources at hand.


The deliverables are two reports, detailing our findings and suggestions for mitigations: one technical report and one non-technical report. If desired, a follow-up meeting can be arranged, discussing the findings, and next steps for your business to take to further your cybersecurity standard.

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Penetration Testing Process


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