Compromise Assessment

Compromise Assessment

Compromise Assessment

A Compromise Assessment is conducted to analyse whether an organisation is currently under attack, or to conduct a clear overview of the consequences of a past Attack. The Assessment’s main Objective is to assess whether the organisation has been compromised, and to identify weaknesses in the infrastructure. As threat actors are consistently increasing in number and sophistication of their Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) which are continuously customized to evade detection organisations must know if they have already been compromised. LEVEL7 provides the visibility, toolset, resources, and experience to give you assurance. 

Identify and assess past security breaches and proactively prevent future incidents


LEVEL7 provides a comprehensive analysis of your environment to identify evidence of ongoing and past compromise. We hunt for traces and IOCs (Indicators of Compromise) in your environment or on a specific asset to determine if adversaries have established a foothold and possibly gained persistence. Such investigation will also reveal if any backdoors are present and possibly gone undetected by your security or operations team.  


LEVEL7 utilize MITRE ATT&CK for adversary tactics and techniques based on real-world observations. 

  • Vulnerable host and application configurations 
  • Applied, missing and removed patches  
  • Abnormalities in user authentication 
  • Command and control activities 
  • Data exfiltration 
  • Malware persistence mechanisms 


The deliverables for this process will be a report detailing our findings, suited for both technicians and executives in your company. A follow-up meeting can also be arranged, if so desired by your company. Our main goal will always be to increase the cybersecurity awareness in your company, as well as improve your overall cybersecurity posture so you can best defend yourselves against the cyber-threats out there.


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