Get to know us

Get to know us

Here, at LEVEL7, we make it our mission to make you, your projects, and your company more secure. We are experts in providing comprehensive Cybersecurity advisory to your business, and offer an all around — 360 degree — approach for your security needs.

We specialize in several areas in the field of cybersecurity. Strategic Advisory and Technical Assurance are only some of our core competences.

We advise and lead, offering services that range from compliance and governance checks and management, maturity assessments, and audit readiness assessments.

We implement, offering vulnerability scanning, management, and offensive penetration testing for you to probe the security in your systems, or lack thereof, whether it’s ‘just to be safe’ or ahead of an audit or formal assessment.

Shortly put, we help businesses identify and implement key cybersecurity practices to mitigate the threats of today, creating the resiliency and business continuity needed for tomorrow.

Who we are

Our team consists of cybersecurity professionals whom all are excellently well-versed in their skills and competencies, and they all share LEVEL7’s core values.

The staff is led by two partners:

Bassil Salameh
Nick Lyngaae Jørgensen
Partner, Senior Advisor
With years of experience under his belt through businesses and management thereof, he believes cybersecurity is the next transformation program for government and companies alike.
Partner, Strategic Advisor
Uncovering what to protect and to what degree, are in his view,
the most important building blocks for achieving “Adequate Security”: security tailored to the exact needs of the business.

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